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In this week, we have done a lot of workshops, mostly associate with type. Such as letter pressing and finding typeface. I found the workshop about finding typeface is really interesting, although at the beginning it feels like I am still in my first year of BA, it actually allows us to identify different catagory of typeface, find out the efficient way of displaying it.

In this activity, we found that the typeface we had assigned, which is serif, is now much less popular than san-serif, we can only find it through specific books and magazine. Therefore, we mainly stayed in library, that also benefits us, because we can read some inspiring books. After we found enough examples, we went back to classroom and tried to print out our findings. We were discussing how can we present our works, I was too slow to find out an approach, it was Jia Qi who suggested to present it from warm to cold colour, and display it from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. It was a clever decision, which we can clearly see that most of the books that use serif type are in grey scale, only few of them are in bold colour.

Therefore, in this visualising activity, we found that serif type gives us a classic and elegant feeling, but it doesn’t seem to be used profoundly in today’s life, because we can hardly find it in anywhere else other than in library that is full of books.

To conclude, I find this workshop really useful, we divide typeface into many catagories, but I have never noticed some of them are hardly used nowadays, only through visualising the information, we can see the differences. Furthermore, in this activity, I found that I am not good at brain storming, I can barely provide ideas in a very short time. I think it is due to my design thinking wasn’t solid enough, I hope through studying MA could enhance my design thinking, I have to set up a goal to achieve, I don’t want to act like I am still a BA student.

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